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                              Under Pressure from the Pasdaran und the CIA




Kian Pourzand is a student at the Technical University of Munich, with clear ideas about his life. His goal is to complete his studies successfully, find a well-paid job, marry his fiancée, and live a good life.

Like most students, Kian has to work along with his studies, in order to finance his living. When he finds a job, in which he can not only use his expertise but also work with his countrymen, he feels it is a stroke of luck. He is supposed to supply technical support to his compatriots, who earn their money in different cities of Germany as self-employed merchants. He has to install new PCs, configure their systems, and support them whenever he is called for help.

In the first year, it doesn’t bother him that he has to travel frequently. But he gets a slap in the face when he realizes that his clients are not just normal merchants, but agents of the Iranian secret service. They are responsible for purchasing military equipment and materials for the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It makes him nearly insane, as he comes to realize that without being aware, he has been a part of the network of the Pasdaran secret service.

Can he quit the job and run far away from these false merchants? And where will he go? As he tries to obtain a visa for the United States, his situation gets even worse because the CIA has become aware of him, while they have been observing these Iranian merchants.

The CIA offers Kian a deal; he should travel to Iran, as he has already been ordered to do by his Iranian employer, and gather some information for the CIA. When he comes back to Germany, he will be rewarded with a green card for US residency.

The novel "Under Pressure from the CIA and the Pasdaran” is an authentic and exciting story set in the empire of a powerful, but corrupt regime; the Islamic Republic of Iran.