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Timm Svensen, a successful German business manager has waited for years to find the woman of his dreams for a shared life. In 2005, during a vacation in Spain, what he has awaited for so long happens; he meets his dream woman; Roya Sassan. She is very attractive and intelligent, and embodies all the best qualities of a woman, which he has always imagined. Within a short time, this superficial acquaintance turns to a true love.

 During a joint trip from Spain to Germany, Roya and Timm occasionally notice that someone appears to be following them. They have no idea that one day before their journey, the members of a terrorist organization took advantage of Timm’s absence from home to load 120 kilos of explosives into the trunk of his car and disable the locking system of the boot. They intend to blow up a skyscraper in Frankfurt, where Timm’s company’s offices happen to be located. They need Timm because without his knowledge, they plan to use him as a driver for their bombs to gain access to the secure underground parking of the skyscraper.

 But Timm has his own plan; in order to get to know his dream woman better and to give their nascent love a chance, he convinces Roya not to drive to Frankfurt directly, but to undertake a joint tour of Europe with him first. Now they drive to Paris, unknowingly carrying 120 kilos of explosives in the trunk. This sudden detour jumbles up the original plan of the terrorists and they are forced to opt for their Plan B.

 The Plan of a Terrorist Attack is a deeply moving, and a passionate love story. Nevertheless, in the background, the fearsome preparations for a terrorist attack create thrills and excitement. Amidst it all is the question of why the terrorists would aspire to such a murderous and costly operation, and who is really behind it; always Al Qaida?