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The Plan of a Terroristic Attack


Timm Svensen, a 37 years-old successful, but also overzealous German Manager waits since several years, finding the woman of his dreams. However, neither the women who his mother nominates for him, nor the ladies who pass by him occasionally do not appear him beautiful, intelligent and extraordinary enough.

In January 2005, during a short vacation at his Spanish Villa, it happens, what he has glowing waited so long; he meets her, he meets his dream-like woman, Roya Sassan, a student of the Art Academy in Barcelona. She is very attractive, intelligent, self-confident and embodies all the qualities of a woman dreams, which he has always imagined.

Within a relatively short time, this superficial acquaintance turns to a true love. Both discover many things in common and deep affection for each other.

During a joint trip from Spain to Germany, they often notice that they are pursued, without realizing a plausible reason. They have no idea that one day before their journey, while they were in the apartment of Roya and discussed about art, politics and philosophy passionately, the members of a terrorist organization took advantage of Timm’s absent. They loaded 120 kilos of explosives in the trunk of his car and blocked the locking system of the boot. They intend to blow up a skyscraper in Frankfurt in the air, where Timm has a large company and several parking. Without being aware, they use him as a driver for their bombs.

The terrorists need him, because only the authorized person, like Timm is permitted to park his car in the underground of this skyscraper. According to their plan, shortly before he reaches Frankfurt, they want to stop his car, drive with him in the underground parking and explode the building.

In the meanwhile, Timm has also a new plan. In order to give his love a chance and getting to know Roya better, Timm persuades Roya not to drive to Frankfurt directly, but first undertake a joint tour of Europe; first, drive to Paris. And she accepts his suggestion, they drive to Paris, with 120 kilo explosives in the trunk.

This sudden detour jumbled up the plan of the terrorists. They are ordered to carry out their job within the next few days. They opt for the plan B inevitably.

The plan of a terrorist attack is actually a deeply moving, and philosophical love story. Nevertheless, the fearsome preparation of a terrorist attack in the background provides for thrill and excitement. One can find several plausible answers to the questions, why the terrorists perform such a murderous action and who sticks behind it.

 Available from June 2013