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From Oriental Dreams to

Tragedy in the West




After graduating from the University of Tehran, Bijan realizes his long-term plan and leaves Iran. He can no longer stand the strict rules and the social and religious restrictions, as well as the political situation in his country. 

Bijan is headed west in search of his dream of living in a peaceful world where everyone enjoys life. In the West, he was told, the horizon has a different colour and the life has a better quality. 

What Bijan could not foresee, however was that countless, exciting, varied, but also chilling events were waiting for him. He may attain his dreams but he will also experience the bitter taste of reality.

From Oriental Dreams to the Tragedy in the West narrates a series of intertwined episodes in one novel. This intense story, sensitively written, makes the differences between Oriental and Occidental mentality more understandable. 

And all the while, lurking in the background of the story, is a portrait that foreshadows the fate of the protagonists.