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Cyrus Salaar a German citizen, works for an insurance company in Hamburg. His employer orders him to go to Tehran, the country of his birth, in order to verify the authenticity of the death certificate of a young Iranian policyholder. The insurance company suspects fraud.

In the chaos of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Cyrus’ father, a well-known surgeon during the Shah’s regime, arranged for his entire family to get out of Iran while he stayed behind to provide medical care to victims of the fighting. One terrible day, armed revolutionaries burst into his clinic, killing him and his staff. After his murder, the new fundamentalist government confiscated the Salaar family’s entire fortune.

Cyrus’s private interest in taking this dangerous trip is to retrieve the family coat of arms, which had to be left behind as his family fled Iran. He wants to give it to his mother for her 70th birthday. The coat of arms hangs on the entrance gate to his parents’ home, an old villa that the secret police took over after the revolution.

Soon after he arrives in Tehran, Cyrus learns that the supposedly dead policyholder is alive and hiding in Germany, because the Iranian authorities consider him a terrorist. One of the most feared members of the Iranian Secret Police wants Cyrus to turn over the suspected terrorist’s address. Cyrus refuses. He knows Iranian agents in Germany would liquidate the young man, which would be inhumane and would also make the insurance benefits due again.

Frightened but undeterred, Cyrus finishes the job for his employer and works to get his family’s coat of arms. Fortunately, Cyrus has the help of his childhood friend Zino, a former pilot in the Iranian air force, whose own father was the maintenance person at the villa many years ago and thus has inside knowledge.

Under the nose of the secret police, in a three-phase plan of breath-taking action, Cyrus, Zino, and another helper, try to remove the family coat of arms and sneak it out of Iran; an almost impossible action.

An authentic, exciting novel from the realm of the Mullahs.